The (as yet) Unknown Writer

Hi there! Welcome to the official web page of me, Dorian Inman. Here's you'll find a bit about me, some bits about my writing partner in crime, Ashley "Rainbowjuiceh," and more about Bleddyn and the world he inhabits.

About me

Hmm, what can I say here? Oh, how's this? I'm in my 40s, I have a full time career as a mechanic (technically I'm a skilled trade, but mechanic is easier to write), married, and have one child. I live with my family and three cats in the southeast side of Texas, just north of Galveston Island. I enjoy writing, and as of now, I don't plan on trying to make anything more than a series of short stories that all tie in together. I do this for fun; and as long as it continues to be fun, then I'll continue to do it.

At some point in the future I'd love to get these shorts done up as comics. That is one little hope for the future of CoB.
Phone: 555-555-5555

Ashley "Rainbowjuiceh" Thompson 

Miss Thompson has been a tremendous help for me both in inspiration, from various illustrations she's done, and world building. I've repeatedly bounced ideas off her, and through her reactions of her character, Rhodē, I've been able to create a world that is both familiar, and new.

If'd you like to know more about her, I suggest you go follow her Twitter, or drop a note on her Furaffinity page. (Be sure to check her art out, it's both SFW and NSFW, and both are very tasteful.)

Bleddyn Tywyll

Our hero! Or is he? Maybe he's just "that guy." You know the one, just tries to get by. But when it hits the fan, he sees something that needs to be done and does it.

Bleddyn was actually finally conceived completely with the help of Caytlin "Pixel Prism" who did the final design as part of a cameo in her (AWESOME) webcomic; Tamberlane. I strongly suggest you read it. So does the wuff. Don't make him mad, he has fangs you know! 
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